POLLUTION in Henley and its mitigation

A Henley Society Occasional Talk at

The Barn 28 February at 7.30pm

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Spring 2011

"In 1961 across the country many gracious and outstanding buildings were being demolished to make way for bold new architecture some bland and some ghastly. A meeting was called to save the Catherine Wheel and from this, The Henley Society was formed, to ensure the preservation of the best buildings in Henley. This year the Henley Society celebrates 50 years of conservation and efforts to improve the Town by involving local people who share a love of Henley."



Summer 2011

Our AGM for 2011 was held in the Chantry House on Friday 1st April at 7pm presided over by our Vice president. Lord Phillimore and was well attended. On completion of the agenda, the meeting was addressed by John Lockwood, a noted town planner and urban designer.


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Annual General Meeting  Friday 27 March

This year the Society's Annual General Meeting is to be held at

The Sacred Heart, Walton Avenue, Henley-on-Thames.

Mr Matthew Kinghan NSc MIED, of Nexus Planning. Lead Consultant on the Neighbourhood Plan will once again be addressing the meeting. Giving us an update on the Neighbourhood plan, followed by refreshments. We look forward to seeing you all there.

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Outing    to   Strawberry Hill  on   Tuesday 26th May


Horace Walpole's Gothic Castle which has been new restored.

Visit includes coffee on arrival, conducted tour of the house and a two course meal.


Conatact   Pauline Fleming   email:       for further details



 the Henley Society's comments

on the emerging   Neighbourhood Plan for Henley and Harpsden

a update by David Whitehead - Chairman of The Henley Society Planning Committe

As you may know, the public consultation on the First Draft of the Neighbourhood Plan carried out in the summer of 2014 produced a mixture of responses.   Only 54% of those responding were in favour of the general policies outlined in the Plan though, in some cases, a negative response may have been due to a misunderstanding.  It is certainly the case, as explained by Councillor Dieter Hinke in his letter to the Henley Standard of 9 January, that opposing the Plan as a whole will have no effect whatsoever on the number of new dwellings (450) allocated to Henley/Harpsden by SODC, who in turn are, in effect, allocated numbers by the government.   The Neighbourhood Plan process just allows residents to influence future developments in ways which, it is hoped, are the least damaging to the quality of life in the town (or may even improve it).

As part of the consultation on the First Draft, comments were invited on ways in which the Draft might be improved.  A substantial number of suggestions were received, many of them concerned with the distribution of housing amongst different potential sites and others with traffic management.   These suggestions have now been considered by the working groups and by the governance committee of the Plan, as have new sites that have become available for development.  As a result of these considerations, a Second Draft has been produced and this has now been issued for public consultation during the period 6 February to 20 March 2015.  More information, including a copy of the Plan, is available on the Neighbourhood Plan website To see the Plan go to 'Information & Downloads', then select the third document on the list: 'Draft JHHNP Pre-Submission Consultation Version'.  Alternatively, visit the Town Hall to see a copy.

Members of the Society: do respond to this consultation, even if you responded to the previous one.  There are significant differences which, in my view, have resulted in improvements.  However, make clear what your priorities are even if they do not appear to be under immediate threat, as apparently abandoned proposals could, possibly, be resurrected.   For example, if you think that Drawback Hill should be retained as open space and/or that building should not be allowed in the Henley section of the Chilterns AONB, apart from on brownfield land, then do say so.  Or if you think that more business units should be allocated at the Empstead Works site, do say so.   It is worth remembering that once the Plan is finally adopted, there will be little point in opposing any of the developments that are included in it.  

David Whitehead




The Henley Society   - Annual General Meeting

was held in The Thames Room

of The River & Rowing Museum, Mill Meadows, Henley on Thames

at 7pm

on Friday 4th April

At the conclusion of the official proceedings there was a talk given by Matthew Kinghan of Nexus Planning. This company is the 'lead' consultant for the Neighbourhood Plan for Henley.

Some lively discussion followed !! 

After the talk refreshments were served and the Neigbourhood Plan was subjected to further scrutiny



The Society is saddened to record the death of Nic Rutherford, a long standing member of the Executive Committee and past Chairman of the Society. 


Capt. NIcholas William Calderwood Rutherford

1925 - 2012





Avenue of trees to Southern approach to Henley

A proposal to the Henley Town Council Jubilee Committe made by the Chairman of The Henley Society, Mr Errol Facy, for an avenue of trees to the southern approach road to Henley is being studied in detail